Episode 2 | Dalilla Hermans

Dalilla Hermans is a writer and regular columnist at De Standaard. In 2014 she wrote a text about her experiences with racism in Flanders. Hermans has made it her mission to transcend polarisation and look for dialogue between people, regardless of their origin. At NTGent she made her debut as a theatre maker in February 2020 with Her(e). Based on the conversations from a weekend that she spent in seclusion with about thirty Black women, she wrote a monologue about their lives in Belgium. About challenges and hope, work and theatre, family and sisterhood. Now she is back with Us, (k)now, a production by hetpaleis & NTGent.


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The production Her(e) is mentioned. More information here

Abigail Abraham is mentioned, actor, singer and co-creator of Her(e).

The music in the episode was created for Her(e) by beatmaker and producer Willem Blontrock and sung by Coely Mbueno, Prisca Agnes Nishimwe & Judith Okon.

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