Episode 1 | Bert Luppes

Bert Luppes is a Dutch actor and one of the founders of the theatre group het Vervolg. Twice, he received the Dutch acting award Louis d’Or. At NTGent he played in ‘Orestes in Mosul’, directed by Milo Rau, and ‘Yellow’, directed by Luk Perceval. In the summer of 2021, he’s on tour with Action Zoo Humain in “Testament van een journalist”, directed by Chokri Ben Chikha.


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The NTGent production Yellow by Luk Perceval is mentioned. More information here

You can read Luk Perceval’s contribution to “Why Theatre” here.

Milo Rau is mentioned, artistic director of NTGent.

The music by Sam Gysel was written for Yellow. You can listen to one of his composition in full here.

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