The Lion King | Back to Back Theatre

From Geelong, Australia, Back to Back actors Mark Deans and Scott Price discuss theatre with Artistic Director Bruce Gladwin. The conversation took place at 11:30 a.m. on May 18, 2020.

Scott If Mark was a Roman centurion, he would be called Marcus Deanus.
Bruce Yeah. You’d be called Scotus Pricis.
Scott Possibly. Sounds more Greek.
Bruce Or Scott Proscenium.
Scott Yeah.
Bruce Mark; Scott and I’ve got some questions for you about making theatre.
Scott Yeah, we do, we do.
Bruce Can we ask you some questions, Mark?
Mark Yes.
Scott Can you ask him first, Bruce?
Bruce You go first.
Scott Mark what is …
Mark What?
Scott What is art to you?
Mark What?
Scott Can Mark actually hear us?
Bruce Mark, can you hear us?
Mark Yes.
Bruce All right, let’s try a different question.
Scott What is the most important thing in your life?
Mark Theatre.
Scott Okay. Why do you like theatre Mark?
Mark I’ve seen theatre.
Bruce Mark likes The Lion King.
Scott Oh Bruce, am I allowed to ask this question – What is taboo for you? Can I ask that?
Bruce Yes.
Scott I’m going to ask you a very provocative question. Mark, what is taboo for you?
Mark Mm…
Scott If you can understand that question?
Mark I don’t know.
Scott Bruce, he doesn’t have an answer.
Bruce What about you, Scott? What are you not allowed to do?
Scott That is a really good question, Bruce. No, no, Bruce that is a really good question. Of course, you’re not allowed to break the law. You’re not allowed to get close to people. What else?
You’re not allowed to graffiti or shoplift. You’re not allowed to hack into other people’s computers or break into people’s houses. You’re not allowed to murder someone or touch someone else’s genitalia. What else? I think that’s the full list.
Bruce You’re not allowed to have sex with family members.
Scott You can call that incest.
Bruce Yes.
Scott That’s a big taboo.
Bruce What famous theatre show has an incestuous relationship?
Scott Oedipus.
Bruce Yes.
Scott I’m damn serious, it’s Oedipus. I mean, like, I’m like, yeah, that’s a fancy shirt in your purse epic show from Ancient Greece.
Bruce Mark, you said you’ve seen theatre before.
Mark What?
Bruce You said you’ve seen some theatre.
Scott Did you see that Geoffrey Rush theatre show, Exit the King, did you see that one? Mark, it’s Exit the King, did you see that one? Hello? No, he doesn’t understand the question.
Bruce Mark, did you see it, Exit the King? A very funny show.
Scott Yeah, I was going to say with Geoffrey Rush.
Bruce Did you see that one Mark?
Scott Obviously, he didn’t.
Bruce Mark, what are you scared of?
Mark People.
Scott People talk to you?
Mark Yes.
Bruce Mark’s a good talker.
Mark Yes
Bruce Mark’s a good actor.
Scott Sometimes he is.
Bruce Is it easier to talk on stage as an actor than in real life?
Mark Yes.
Scott It is. It really is. Here is something you don’t know about me: I’ve had a knife pulled on me, twice.
Bruce Do you carry a knife yourself?
Scott I actually don’t, other than to cook. But no, I don’t.
Bruce Twice, you could have ended up in tragic circumstance.
Scott Definitely it could have ended with lots of blood, both times.
Bruce A Greek Tragedy.
Scott More like a Geelong Tragedy.
Bruce What do you think our destiny is?
Scott Death.
Bruce What about Exit the King? That’s a story about a king who is about to die.
Scott Yeah, it is. It is.
Bruce That’s a show about death.
Bruce Yeah, it is. It is. I think it is.
Bruce Maybe all theatre is about death, what do you think?
Scott The Lion King definitely is.

Back to Back Theatre is one of Australia’s most globally recognised and respected contemporary theatre companies. Under the artistic leadership of Bruce Gladwin Back to Back Theatre creates new forms of contemporary performance imagined from the minds and experiences of a unique ensemble of actors with a disability.