from Why Theatre – Workshop

To Everyone | Backa Theatre

10:55:25 From [assistant] to Everyone:

Why Theatre? Because.
I don’t think there is an answer to this question. Had there been, we hadn’t had the need to do theatre.

10:55:25 From [musician] to Everyone:

to keep the story of mankind, that started millions years ago round the fires, alive.

10:55:26 From [actor] to Everyone:

Because of the joy of offering art to the young human being, to the child.
To help the audience reach the insight of the miracle of having been granted a life, and how one can live that life. An oasis where the difficult questions of life can rise to the surface.

10:55:26 From [technician] to Everyone:

because screens are flat

10:55:26 From [seamstress] to Everyone:

Because you’re not alone.

10:55:28 From [actor]to Everyone:

Because it somehow represents the secrets of being human, by tricking ourself that reality and fiction is the same in time. What life can’t do is done in fiction and on stage and then it’s done even though we say we can’t do it. Like flying, we can’t fly but in theatre we are able to.

10:55:29 From [marketer] to Everyone:

In a secular time, where the polarised debate forces us in to our own bubbles – for some it’s paradise, for others hell – the theatre is one of the few places, a secular church, where knowledge and thought, imagination and reflecting in the unknown, are still possible.

10:55:29 From [light designer] to Everyone:

To escape reality, if only for a passing moment.

10:55:30 From [musician] to Everyone:

To understand society and oneself and then be able to communicate this to an audience.

10:55:31 From [actor] to Everyone:

Because we need other rooms. Common rooms, where we can experience something individually in a common Now.

10:55:31 From [actor] to Everyone:

To ask questions and come up with answers about your time on earth.

10:55:32 From [actor] to Everyone:

We are a resistance. Can be. A source of empowerment. Against individualism, capitalism, the superficial. We can be a comfort. Because of us. Because of the different. Because of the loneliness inside. We are the inconvienience. The inconvenience that forces creativity.

10:55:33 From [producer] to Everyone:

Theatre is a mirror of reflections you didn’t know you had before. A space for meeting and asking questions.

10:55:34 From [artistic director] to Everyone:

Theatre is the foundation of a working democracy. The theatre and the arts are places where we can exihibit our human shortcomings and see what happens.

10:55:35 From [actor] to Everyone:

We have a unique place to reach out in society. To give place for everyone’s stories.
To play and protect the right to play.
Why theatre? Why play? Why live?

10:55:35 From [dramaturge] to Everyone:

To explore ethical, political and existential dilemmas, to have a space to be unsure without being ashamed of it.

10:55:35 From [technician] to Everyone:

Theatre is a room were we expand reality

10:55:36 From [actor] to Everyone:

Answering this is making me very emotional. I feel like an outcast, not knowing what to say. Maybe that’s why theatre is important.

10:55:35 From [director’s assistant] to Everyone:

Because of the live MEETING through art, because of children and young people, because of thought and thinking, because of the discussions, because of … life???

10:55:37 From [actor] to Everyone:

I can’t answer it. There are so many layers to the question. I can’t answer.

10:55:49 From [audience member, 14 years old] to Everyone:

After one year closed, now I know, I probably know, maybe I know why theatre is needed. Do u know?

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